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Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2005 09:13:35 -0400
Subject: [CR]Fixed ride

I took an old gaspipe Raleigh Gran Sport and converted it to fixed a few years ago. It is a ton of fun. It took a little while to get used to not pedaling, but the simplicity is very seductive.

I find that I sometimes get that same double-take, and sign of appreciation that I get when I ride a classic 10 speed. You know what I am talking about: that look, the second of cogitation to figure out exactly what it is, then the smile of recognition and acknowledgment.

I have 27x1 1/4 clinchers on my fixed gear and occasionally take it on the rails-to-trails bike paths here in Lower Michigan. On a summer afternoon on an unpaved trail alternating between cornfields and forests where the trees meet over the road, I sometimes imagine that I have been transported a century back in time, and that this is how a person might travel from town to town. Some of tthe the trails are used by horseback riders, and the occasional pile of horseflop adds to the antediluvian illusion. I can almost imagine one of those newfangled Model Ts rounding a corner.

I originally set the bike up 42-14, as my LBS advised a 3/1 ratio of chainwheel to cog teeth. After a bit of experience I put a 16 on the back, and found the ride to be much better. I still stand up going across intersections, but I'm not working as hard to accelerate at speed, and I would rather spin than mash.

Have a good weekend, Marcus Helman Huntington Woods, MI

Sam Lingo wrote: First off,Dale,if this gets too far off the CR rules just say so --I'll drop it.My original mind set was to learn to better ride the bikes we like.And I need that,the best I'll do is a 5speed,so I really need some work on form.So far my form is two puppies in a toe sack!
    The fixed does seen to help head me in the righ direction,by keeping me on the ride.(or the pedals hit you!)
    the bike is pre83 but a real mix of all the parts I could scrap together.
    Has a 73 gear inch(what's best?) if I did the math right--47front/18rear,on 700s.The terrain is very gentle rolling,all on paved roads/with a rest stop 5 miles into the ride and a store at the turn.15 miles total.I counted 50 RPMs at the start/dropped off a lot!and I did several brake walk stops at the end.My plan is to build up/not kill my self(and my legs)took just under 2 hours.Hopefully by the time I get the Fothergill or the MacLean finished I can ride them in a better /proper(CR) manner. sam lingo,pleasanton tx

--- ternst wrote:

> Enjoyed your fixed gear post.
> How about sharing what gear ratio or front and rear
> tooth combo you're using
> along with average geography or terrain you normally
> ride on.
> That would help a lot of riders / list members who
> are not familiar with
> riding a fixed gear what to expect and whether to
> try it or not.
> Ted Ernst
> Palos Verdes Estates, CA

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