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Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2005 15:53:25 -0500
From: Tom Hayes <>
To: Doug Smith <>
Subject: Re: [CR]FixedWheel Again
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Could you please explain the following: "or hub fixed gearing" and if you don't think appropriate for the rest of the CR list, just post to me off list.

Thank you.


Tom Hayes Chagrin Falls, Ohio

On 9/23/05, Doug Smith <> wrote:
> Following on all the comments of fixed wheel riding brings to mind that
> in the 1950's most club and time trialists rode fix wheel . This was
> because many folk like myself could'nt afford anything else and I
> suppose one could say it was the fashion. Also I was'nt really
> interested in anything else and would'nt be prepared to change our ways
> if given the chance. As regards the size of gearing it was norm to ride
> 66 inch and race on about 81 inch with exception of the early season
> medium gear events which restricted all entrants to a 72inch ratio.
> The advantage of this type of gearing was the rider always had a much
> improved handling control at all levels and taught them how to pedal a
> bike under all conditions.Sizes of gears was as it is now a matter of
> personal choice and at stage of fitness. When I consider people like
> Tony Doyle and the Higginson twins to name but a few always manage to
> beat the hour in 25 mile time trial it makes the mind boggle. As regards
> the long distance events like a 12 or 24 hour many would ride a single
> free wheel or hub fixed gearing which was available. I rode my first 12
> hour event riding a two speed hub gear and managed to clock up 240 miles
> this in itself had plenty of uphill and downhill terrain with lots of
> steep hills in West Sussex.
> Maybe for the majority this type of riding is in the past but thankfully
> there are still those whose choice is to twiddle their way around on the
> evergreen fix wheel "fashion" of yesteryear.


> Doug Smith

> North Dorset

> UK