Re: [CR]Fixed Wheel Again

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Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2005 09:08:39 +0100 (BST)
From: "Michael Butler" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Fixed Wheel Again
To: CR Rendezvous <>
In-Reply-To: <000e01c5c0a4$0332d640$0f594454@norris>

Norris brilliant perfect synopsis, the only small thing I can add is that the use of fixed gear spans a far greater period than the 50's and 60's probably the whole period of club and racing cycling up until the late 1960's. Great piece Norris, I always look forward to your informative and accurate postings great to be reminded of the things we employed. Rememember the dummy brake lever body for a hand rest you only occasionally see these used in hill climbs now. A 62" gear is about the most I can manage nowadays. Best wishes from a Witches tit flat Cambridgeshire. Mick B. Hunts, UK

Thats all for now. Keep those wheels spinning, in your memories if not still on the road. Be lucky Mick Butler Huntingdon UK.