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I think the issue is with 'industry' people versus everyone else.

Those with heavy involvement at the show just have too much going on. Getting ready for the show is 60-100 hour weeks for up to a couple of months prior. Then a mad rush to finish, pack up, make a long drive out in a loaded down truck, setup, do business all week, then do business and networking parties all night (i.e. 18 hour days), tear down, and rush home to unpack and follow up on the leads generated. It's a grind that takes a lot out of people. The only thing they want to do with any spare time they may have, is go out to dinner (which often is more business), and maybe gamble a little, ride the demo, or take in a show or some nightlife. People want to take a break from bikes for awhile if they can. Not to mention as someone else here said, they could not fit another bike in the truck if they tried, let alone want to take a chance on scratching up a prized one by jamming it in with a ton of other stuff.

People who come out to view the show (or have lesser involvement in it) on the other hand, or who are involved in the vintage bike segment of the industry (a minority of the show people) will want to attend the Velo.

Don't take it personally, it's just the nature of the show. It's THE business opprtunity for the year, and it will often make or break small companies. As a result, people throw everything they have into it, and they don't have much left for awhile afterward. Moving the Velo to before the show? Forget it, most people are still finishing their booths, products, and marketing materials up until they leave for Vegas.

My .02 after spending years on the both the Interbike, Comdex, and CES grinds.

Bill Roberts Jacksonville, OR

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Mark Ritz wrote:
> Yo, Chuck,
> I would dearly love to attend the VR, but as Riccardo Bulissimo states, it's
> really hard to attend after slaving over a hot convention center for five or
> more days. Adding in the need to bring at least one bike + clothes, in
> addition to the booth requirements for two booths (inside and out), makes this a
> difficult task for quite a few of us. I, for one, am driving a truck crammed
> full for the show and couldn't fit a bike in if I tried.
> So to drive 1750 miles to Vegas and back and then another 1375 a few days
> later is just not in the cards. And I am sure that others are in the same
> boat...
> Cheers,
> Mark Ritz
> Arcata, CA
> A looooong way from Arcadia, CA

Funny thing... it turns out that proximity to the event and its timing have little to do with attendance. Attendees from Japan, England, New Zealand, Canada and the Midwestern and Eastern United States seem to bear this out. Just an observation.

All besides the point of course...

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