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I have received quite a few notes from CR list members about the auction o f my Fiat 500C Topolino on ebay.<blah> item=4577875 477

Now, Steve... really! A Cinquecento as a auto addenda to a Coppi era racing bike? No sir, you need an Alfa Romeo "Freccia D'Oro"... now that c ould pace Coppi even on those Alpine hairpins. A Topolino would be struggling. B ut it didn't need two parking spaces or the Michelin truck tyres that fit the Alfa. These big, fast aluminium bodied Alfas were used as team and press

cars on the TdF and other races. My dad had two Freccia D'Oro's. Its o ther claim to fame was that it was the car Mussolini was a passenger in when he

was stopped by partisans and later captured. Anyway, having a childhood surrounded by Italian motorcars and Alfisti explains my passion today for bicycles and British and French ones. Although that 1968 Cinelli SC is tempting indeed.

Peter Kohler Washington DC USA

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