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Dear Aldo, Many thanks for posting the Harry Grant picture. I greatly appreciated your efforts on all of these and find them fascinating. Harry Grant would have probably been riding a taper tube Selbach all though it is difficult to see in the illustration. He raced a lot in France on his Selbach and for a time used those curved Cadaneeze (spelling?)cranks as well. After Maurice Selbachs death he rode briefly for Claud Butler and then R.O.Harrison who was originally one of the builders at Selbachs. Thanks again and keep up the excellent work it is greatly enjoyed. Cheers Mickey Butler Hunts. UK.

On Wed, 28 Sep 2005 21:00:23 -0400, "Aldo Ross" <> said:
> Pic of the Day
> 29 September, 2005
> 1935 - Les Cent Miles
> (Click on pic for MUCH larger image.)
> British rider Harry Grant (No.5) passes Georges Wambst (No.2 - France)
> for a second time during the 1935 "Les Cent Miles" at the Parc des
> Princes in Paris. Grant would go on to win from Erich Metze (Germany)
> and Charles Lacquehay (France). This event had the riders racing behind
> motors for 160 kms, "cent miles". Note the additional fuel tank
> strapped to Wambst's moto. From "Match l'Intran" No.480, 24 September
> 1935.
> Aldo Ross
> BlueBall, Ohio
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