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Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2005 10:25:54 -0700
Subject: [CR]Pogliaghi dating (was re: was frame flex)

Marty posted:

So, I'll pose this question, the Pogliaghi that Ben K. recently posted about is a mid 80's model (either 84 or 85). If Sante had retired by then, would this be a Rossin built model?

Marty Eison Dallas, Texas


Others will know more...but my limited research suggests that if Rossin owned the Pogliaghi name, they didn't own it for long. The Basso brothers owned it from about 1985 on (not sure about this dating), and supposedly brought Sante back from retirement to be "involved" in the Pogliaghis they made. Thus, in an odd way, the Basso Pogliaghis from the 80s and maybe even the early 1990s (when did Sante die, anyway?), are authentic Pogliaghis, in a sense, anyway.

Strictly from the evidence of bikes I've seen in person and on ebay, some Pogliaghis continued to be made with all the old details after 1982 or so, as if the same guys in the same shop were still making them...then they suddenly looked quite different...the Basso took over and they looked even more different.

It would be nice to get this straight. Maybe the name went straight to Basso, although there was a period in there in the early/mid 80s where Pogliaghis looked exactly like Rossins, especially in the pantographing, of which there was almost none before the marque left Sante's ownership.

Charles "speculator" Andrews SoCal

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