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Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005 01:08:00 -0400
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Wow Scott. How much do you weigh? Just curious. Rob Dayton Charlotte NC

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Never crashed because of it, but the only bike I've ever ridden that actually scared me was a victim of excessive torsional flex. Going downhill at speed, the rear end would flex so much every time I hit a bump that the bike would literally change directions. Not a comfortable sensation, especially at 40+ mph... This was a titanium frame from a very well regarded name (E___ M_____ Ti AX, built by L_______). Soured me on Ti frames for good.

Scott Peterson Bend, OR

ps - no, it wasn't wheel flex: my light steel bike w/the same wheels has no such problems. Nor was it fork flex, since I was running a Columbus Max steel fork, and the problem occurred only when the rear wheel hit a bump.

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> Worst crash/fall I ever took was the result of frame flex pulling the
> rear derailleur cable and sending the chain between cogs while standing
> on the pedals going uphill full force. I had religiously made sure my
> rear shifter was tight enough to prevent this but did not check it on
> this particular day. Landed very hard on left hip and turned black from
> the ankle to the armpit, smelled like a corpse. It was not fun. Yes
> you can have too much frame flex.
> Dan Mazzeo
> Morrison, CO
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> There can be too much frame flex. While at a friends house for dinner I
> tried to ride his wife women's style ten speed starting at the bottom of
> a small but still a hill. I could not get up. I couldn't believe that
> has good and strong a rider I was then that with my skill and strength I
> couldn't somehow finesse and power my way up. After 10 or so tries I
> believed in too much frame flex is not contusive to good climbing or
> even climbing a hill.
> Charles Nighbor
> Walnut Creek, Ca