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Subject: RE: [CR]Stuck Crankarm Dustcap
Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005 22:33:09 -0700
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All good advice on this from the list members. Ghetto hot/cold trick that won't damage ano is put in the penetrant, put the crank out in the sun, or by the fire/heater, and when it's good and hot, spray the dust cap (or any inner part) with cold shot (electronics spray for diagnosing heat sensitive items). This will often shrink the cap, break the bonds, and unstick it. Then snap it loose with a hard jolt of the drill, screwdriver (use a square shafted type and put a crescent wrench on it), or the pin spanner.

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Eric, I've had sucess by running a drill with about a 3/8ths bit backwards. Put pressure on her and she just may break free. Or "slot" the hole using a flat screwdriver and hammer. In other words, tear two slots each on the opposit side of the hole with the impliments of dextruction and then use the same screwdriver to just unsrew the damn thing. Alot of good jucy curse words help; if not in loosening the dustcap, it will elliviate your frustration. Also, when attempting to loosen "tight" nuts, dustcaps etc. it actually helps to NOT put gentle ever increasing pressure but rather to give it a bit of a "hit". A good sudden tug so that the moment of initial inertia is great. Be carefull; too great and all may be lost. The calibrated arm is priceless but is only attained by paying for it with enough "lost" bits. Lost to the gods of "well that was a bit too much force". Have fun durring and a beer afterwards. Good luck.

John T.Pergolizzi Brooklyn, New York been there, done that

> Help please!
> I've got a Stronglight 93 drive side crankarm mounted on a frame and I can
> not get the crankarm dustcap removed. The cap has a stripped allen hole in
> the center (came to me that way, really). So far I've tried:
> Penetrating oil
> heat on the cap but not on the aluminum arm
> punch with a hammer to try and drive cap to turn which ended up actually
> tearing the steel cap....
> .... all to no avail.
> Any ideas, tips, techniques or magical spells I can use to get this very
> stubbern cap off?
> Thanks in advance to all that reply.
> Eric Elman
> Somers, CT USA