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Date: Wed, 05 Oct 2005 10:23:53 -0800
From: Chuck Schmidt <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Re: Classicrendezvous Digest, Quotes
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Gilbert Anderson wrote:
> Go Chuck Go!,
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> The diamond frame safety bicycle; as elegant and beautiful a thing that it
> is hasn't changed in overall design since it's conception.
> The two wheeled bicycle evolved as a device that was extremely
> unlikely to ever have been invented at all.
> ------Alex Moulton, Engineer and Bicycle Manufacturer
> some development works and credits - Mosquito Bomber, Concorde
> Jetliner MG Motorcars, Bentley, Morris Mini, Moulton Coach,
> Moulton and Alex Moulton "F" Frame and Spaceframe bicycles;
> all developed during the CR timeline.
> +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+
> Yours in Cycling,
> Gilbert Anderson

Good one Gilbert!

While riding yesterday I was thinking who would have been the first to dream that it was possible to eliminate half the wheels of a cart and balance on the resulting contraption?

Chuck Schmidt South Pasadena, Southern California