[CR]FS - 5 NOS Jack Taylor tandem frames

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From: RDF1249@aol.com
Date: Sat, 8 Oct 2005 23:04:04 EDT
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]FS - 5 NOS Jack Taylor tandem frames

I was fortunate to be able to buy 12 NOS Jack Taylor frames recently. A gentleman from the Bay Area has had them since 1983, just waiting for me to come along I guess. The three singles and four of the tandems are spoken for, leaving 5 tandem frames still available. They are still wrapped in their original wrapping and boxes from the Taylors, but there are only 2 boxes left, so first come first served on those. They are big heavy boxes so will be expensive to ship. They come with seat pins, headsets, and a Pivo tandem stem. There are bb cups in them but just to protect them during shipping. No Racks. They are all double diamond design. I am asking $1600 each. The Bikecology catalog listed them in 1981 for $1300, which would be about $2600 or more in today's dollars, so this is a great deal. You can have a brand new classic today. Here are the sizes and colors:

#8048 23/22 Super Touring Tandem / Flambouyant Green #8049 23/21 Super Touring Tandem / Red Enamel #8050 22/22 Super Touring Tandem / Red Flambouyant #8053 21/21 Super Touring Tandem / Yellow Enamel #7940 22/21 Marathon Tandem / British Racing Green Enamel

You can see pics of the two frames I am keeping, a tourist, and the other ones in their boxes here: http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/rdf1249/album?.dir=6466 I won't unwrap the others. You get to do that if you buy one. It is a special experience unwrapping a 22 year old frame for the first time. And if you have not seen it, visit Joel Metz's Jack Taylor site here: http://www.blackbirdsf.org/taylor/

I have owned many Taylors, having got my first tandem in 1976. They are beautiful bikes with a rich history. The three brothers are still alive, and I got a note from Norman just a couple of months ago. He is completely retired now, and had a stroke last year, but is doing fine and still rides when he can. They are all in their 80s. There are some pics of them taken last year in Joel's site.

By the way, if you are a Jack Taylor fan, I have replicated all their decals too, including Curved Tube, Tour of Britain, and Tourist 531 decals, and both the Mondrian and Old English styles. $50 single set, $75 tandem.

Have a Nice Ride!

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