[CR]Protecting raw steel for storage, PickleX

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From: BobHoveyGa@aol.com
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 10:43:00 EDT
Subject: [CR]Protecting raw steel for storage, PickleX
To: rstankus@mindspring.com, henox@icycle.net, velo59@yahoo.com, classicrendezvous@bikelist.org

Jason writes:
>Also try http://www.picklex.com for more information.

Roman wrote:
>Hi Jason,
> I think you're right - Picklex would do a great job of protecting the frame
> from corrosion and is also a paint prep product. The problem of late is that
> it seems impossible to get any of the stuff

Hugh wrote:

I have not tried Picklex myself, but I've seen ads for it in the powder coating trade magazines I receive. Maybe you can try your local welding supply stores.

If every one is stuck for a source, I'll dig out an ad and post the manufacturer's contact info. Maybe the manufacturer has a "where to buy" or distributor list on their web site.

Hugh Enox

Hugh, Roman, Jason;

In adddition to Jason's site (which doesn't seem to list any distributors, prices, or ordering information... just a contact page with price quote request), here's another possible source:

Unfortunately, they do not seem to list any distributors either. As near as I can make out from the web site, PickleX is made in Huntsville Alabama (by International Chemical Products, see Jason's link) and these guys (Ashjen Technologies) are in Canada, either a parent company or a distributor.

In addition to not listing any retailers, PickleX does not appear to be offered for sale on Ashjen's site. Scuttlebut on the Framebuilder's list is that a large military contract has every drop spoken for, at least for the near future.


The Ashjen website lists another product, PickleX 20, which seems to have the same list of features, with the lone exception that it is intended for "manual processes" rather than "automated processes". This stuff IS for sale on the website ($39.95 for a 23 oz spray bottle, PayPal accepted) and may be just what you're looking for:


Bob Hovey
Columbus, GA