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" How did 19 year old Dave Stohler in the movie Breaking Away come to afford a fully Campy Masi? I couldn't afford even a used Paramount in 1979 and I was gainfully employed as a naval officer at the time. "

That was hinted at the beginning of the movie when Dave is accused of "you really think you're Italian after WINNING that Italian bicycle..." Which, of course, begs the question what was Dave supposedly riding to win in the first place? Probably a Sears Free Spirit with the handlebars turned up.

But yes.. we need to do newspaper route price barometer on all this stuff. I delivered The Evening Star here in Washington and in a very posh part of town (Georgetown) where you'd get $25 from Katherine Graham (and she owned the Post!) as an Xmas tip. And I still could only afford a Peugeot UE-8.

This stuff cost a fortune. I remain convinced many of us, certainly, the undersigned, are merely buying what we coveted when we were 17 and this was all cutting edge cool stuff. And in real dollars, it's cheaper now, too.

Besides we don't have to explain to mom why we just spent $550 on a Cinelli SC rather than save it for college. Er.. well hold on, that's why we have wives now, I guess.

As for Chuck going instead for a motorcycle instead of a bike as a chick magnet, remember that Dave with the Masi wound up with two girls and one of them was French. What could be better than that?

Peter Kohler Washington DC USA

My first new bike (that I purchased with my own Monet, in High School), after the $20 used Schwinn Varsity was stolen (!!), was a 1973 Super Course. It cost me $165, and that took a lot of lawn-mowing to save up that much, as I recall. Greg Parker Ann Arbor, Michigan