[CR]Overseas source for NOS Colagos

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From: "Retrofan531" <Retrofan531@allegiance.tv>
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Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2005 14:32:51 -0500
cc: sele@adon.li
Subject: [CR]Overseas source for NOS Colagos

I asked the fellow I purchased my NOS Colnagos from if he minded me sharing his contact information so other interested folks could buy from him.

He said he welcomed the opportunity, so here is his name:


and e-mail address:


He is located in Liechtenstein. He has been great to work with, and will even pack two frames to a box to help reduce the overseas shipping costs. I have received a dozen or so Colnagos from him with absolutely no problems. If he had more in my size, I would probably be ordering more! His supplier is on holiday and won't be back until mid-November, so no shipping until then.

His inventory has been significantly reduced from where it started, but still has about 65 frames available for purchase. I have a copy of his latest Colnago inventory on a MS Excel based attachment that I will be glad to send to anyone, or you could request one from Dominik.

His prices are in Swiss Francs (CHF), so here is a conversion chart to US dollars (USD). Exact price depends on the actual exchange rate on the day you pay.


If you are interested in buying, contact Dominik. He can let you know about the shipping charges, answer questions, etc. I have no financial interest in forwarding this information, but Dominik was so good to work with and had access to some beautiful vintage Colnago frames that I wanted to share the opportunity with you all.


Frank Phillips
McAlester, OK