Re: [CR]Nagasawa/Euro-Asia - what's the deal????

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Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2005 18:30:21 -0400
From: Louis Schulman <>
To: David Patrick <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Nagasawa/Euro-Asia - what's the deal????
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I think it started some month ago when e-Richie was showing off his new Nagasawa, and many (including me) noted that there were visible file marks and that the frame wasn't that amazing.

After that criticism, Mr. Nagasawa became depressed, and decided to only make frames during certain phases of the lunar cycle. Artistic temperament,you know. I heard he may be making all his frames in only one size now.

Louis Schulman Tampa, FL

David Patrick wrote:
> Does anyone know what the current status, as far as being able to order a Nagasawa frameset? I saw the recent blurb on the Yellow Jersey's site, which seems to indicate that all bets are off on being able to order a Nagasawa frame - you just have to wait to see if a frame eventually becomes available in your size and you have no choice regarding colors. Jeez, they also say that some orders from two years ago are still not filled!!?? I realise that Euro-Asia was importing these frames from Japan, so is the difficulty with availability something to do with Euro-Asia? Or is Nagasawa discouraging orders? Maybe he's just backordered? Was there any current info from E-A at the recent Interbike show? If anyone has any info, I would appreciate hearing from you.
> Dave Patrick
> Chelsea, Michigan USA