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Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2005 06:52:31 -0700
From: "Matthew Gorski" <>
Subject: RE: [CR]Ebay Colnago 30th Anniversary NOS 56cm
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Gents, It's missing the 30th Anniversary pedals....which have the Ernesto Colnago script on the barrel. They are hard as heck to find-I have only seen a pair or two come up in 10-15 years and they were expensive. I have a 1984 Master Equilateral with the was the show bike on the Colnago Stand back when the big show was in Long Beach, CA. The 30th pedals for my bike were mislaid after the first owner (Tommy Aldrich) went clipless.

Matt '10 Colnagos' Gorski Belmont Shore, CA

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the frameset is a run of the mill master, but the gruppo is complete and RARE. especially those hubs! i've seen the gruppo with different calipers, panto'd with 3 narrow grooves painted in the italian colors, but these, with the word colnago on them, may be more desirable to most. standard colnago mexico crank arms with 30th anniversary ring and dustcaps. $2,500? too much, but if you gotta have it, this could be the last time you see this gruppo, complete, in this condition, for sale. now, if the frameset were an arabesque, then the price would be a little more in line with reality. i think.

ray dobbins (i shouldn't have sold mine) miami florida (back online finally today after wilma roughed us up)

--- Mark Poore wrote:

> Here is a 56cm Colnago 30th anniversary frame and fork with the 30th
> pantographed grouppo on it, Schweet.
> ack=true
> Item number 7191707633 just incase the link doesn't work.
> Mark Poore in a very white, first snow of the year
> Slatyfork, WV
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