[CR]Ebay Colnago 30th Anniversary NOS 56cm

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Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2005 18:32:39 +0000
Subject: [CR]Ebay Colnago 30th Anniversary NOS 56cm

So we now know that the bike is not a 30th or 35th anniversary bike, but does have nicely pantographed details. Most of the pantographing was done by Rauler (the company name derives from Raul and "Er"nesto). If you want another example of neat Colnago pantographing at a more achievable price, check out Matteo's neat Colnago auction: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7191083241 I believe this oozes more mojo than the bike that started this whole discussion.

Full disclosure: Matteo is a friend and the bike will transit through my hands to the future owner. Even if I wanted to bid on the bike I will not for fear of people saying it is simply a way of raising the price.

Matteo also has another neatly pantographed Tomassini for sale. As you will have read from the different Eroica posts, Irio has quite an interest in vintage steel frames.

Steven Maasland
Moorestown, NJ, USA

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> i forgot about the panto'd pedals! matt's right, those are missing.

\r?\n> and steven correctly points out the cone nut on the brake calipers are

\r?\n> not correct for 1983 - but the levers are definitely correct for the

\r?\n> 30th anniversary gruppo. maybe matt can tell us what kind of calipers

\r?\n> and levers his gruppo has.


\r?\n> ray dobbins

\r?\n> miami florida


\r?\n> --- themaaslands@comcast.net wrote:


\r?\n> > This bike and description are all wrong! The 30th anniversary was not

\r?\n> > 1988, but rather 1983.The 35th anniversary bike had gold plated

\r?\n> > C-Record componentry that was platedby acompnay that specializes in

\r?\n> > plating religious artifacts. Ernesto claims they were the only ones

\r?\n> > able to do an adequate job. The frame is newer than 1983, so the

\r?\n> > gruppo is not correct to it. As already mentioned by Ray, the brake

\r?\n> > levers are not correct in my opinion. I also believe the brake

\r?\n> > calipers to be incorrect too as they have the later domed nuts, but I

\r?\n> > may be wrong here. I, like Ray, feel that the price is completely out

\r?\n> > of line with reality, but hey, it never hurts asking.

\r?\n> >

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\r?\n> > Steven Maasland

\r?\n> > Moorestown, NJ, USA