[CR]pre SF veloswap peeking

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From: fatcogtom@comcast.net
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org (CR List)
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 06:22:34 +0000
Subject: [CR]pre SF veloswap peeking

Below is a list of On topic parts for sale. Most will be at the SF veloswap. I also have a bunch of of other parts for sale. (WTB saddle, new XT brakes, Dura Ace 10sp stuff, Thomson stems, etc). Email me if you want the info on them. Pricing is negotiable so if you think I'm smoking crack with the prices we can talk. I think I did enough research and it seems the prices are fair. Other opinions may vary.

Mavic BB parts- no bearings poor $5.00 Suntour SS chainring 26x20t shop wear $5.00 Dia compe non-Aero levers fair $5.00 Dia Compe Canti brakeset complete fair $5.00 Balilla brakeset w/levers 70's era fair $10.00 cinelli unicanitor saddle black suede #3? poor $25.00 Mavic/Modolo brake calipers fair $25.00 Brooks Mattress saddle poor $5.00 Flikstand fair $5.00 Nitto B115 hbar 40cm VG $10.00 Joseph Lucas metal odomoter fair $10.00? Wheel: Sun Mistral 700c hard ano w/DT 15g butted spokes, radial American classic front hub/QR, conti 240 tubular fair $40.00 Wheel: Maccari steel rim 27x1 1/4" w/ 3pc steel hub, 14g zinc spokes poor $5.00 Wheel: Wolber Superchampion singewall rim w/ Malliard QR hub, suntour 5sp freewhl 13-28t fair $20.00

NIB= new in Box Shop wear= take off from bike, out of box, display, little to no use VG= limited milage, dusty, no scratches Fair= good amount of milage, few scratches, tarnished, needs cleaning up Poor= lots of milage, scratches, dents, but still has a useful life

Tom Martin
Oakland CA