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Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 07:38:33 -0400
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I have a set of Campagnolo shift levers that are from the mid-70s. They say Patent Campagnolo Vicenza Italy. The alloy shift levers themselves are okay condition, but the hardware has some rust and grime. Metal bushings/washers. Interestingly, these are for braze-on, but have the chromed steel shifter stops with cable guides. John Barron has a site with pictures. I identified the model as the ones that have this caption: "This Campagnolo shifter is from about 1970. Note the "Closed C" which came after the "Open C". It has chromed backing plates- earlier versions had black backing plates. It also has cable guides which were eliminated in the late 70'."

Here's the link to the "Shifters" section of John's gallery:

http://www.velostuf.com/gallery.htm#SHIFTERS Shifters with hardware offered to the list for $24 shipped. For those of you with Mojo in mind, these were likely original equipment on a 1976 Wizard and could have been installed by the hands of the Master, Brian Baylis himself! Lou Deeter, Orlando FL