[CR]Re: The Cirque and exactly what is a track bike.

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Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 14:33:01 -0400
From: Edward Albert <ealbert@bellatlantic.net>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Re: The Cirque and exactly what is a track bike.

Mark Poore's post started me thinking about, of all things, the 2006 Cirque. Maybe this should be sent to Dale but since the list discussed it quite at length I decided to post. Unless I am mistaken, one of the themes of this years event will be track bikes. I know what a track bike is but I am now unsure what a track bike isn't. I have pure track bikes -- no holes drilled for brakes, no bolt on brakes, fixed gear and rear facing dropouts. But I also have bikes that are drilled for brakes, made in the 40.s and 50's and often called path racers. They were not used on tracks per se and sometimes even were used with single cog freewheels. Do these qualify. I also have a 30's english RRA that was made to be ridden with a fixed cog but has forward facing dropouts. Films from the 50's show British time trialists on such bikes on the road riding record times. Track bike? Does a bike raced in the Tour de France in the early 30's and before (only fixed gear allowed) qualify as a track bike. Anyway, not to go on and on but merely to ask......exactly what kind of bike qualifies to be included in this years Cirque theme. Or, has this been discussed and I missed it?
Edward Albert
Chappaqua, NY