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Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 17:30:20 -0400
Subject: Re: [CR]FedEx, revisited

Has anyone shipped a bike domestically via DHL?

I ask because I had a delivery by DHL of a rather large, awkward item that

came in a cycle type box. I came home for lunch, cursed at finding the "Sorry we missed you" stick-note on the door. Ten mins later the 'phone rings and it's the DHL guy saying he had missed me and could he come by with the package. WOW. When he arrived I expressed my astonishment and he said he and other DHL drivers were told to do this on a regular basis and clear out their trucks. Quite the opposite from UPS which exists, I swea r, just to drop off those damn yellow notices. So maybe DHL is worth a try if they do bikes. It all comes down to individual experience. I wouldn't ship a bike or a sack of cement by UPS on a bet and have had nothing but super,

positive experiences with FedEx as a shipper and a recipient. Then again , I have bought a new bike since April and that's really, really disturbing.

Peter Kohler Washington DC USA

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