Re: [CR]Campy rally - last generation/ odd brakes

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Subject: Re: [CR]Campy rally - last generation/ odd brakes
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 01:58:21 +0000

the brakes in that gruppo photo are U brakes and mount on studs that are welded to the frame and fork. they are in a similar position where centerpull brakes would be, but I'm not sure if there are the same dimensions or spec. the Campag Mtn bike Gruppo is more of a 1987-1992 vintage from what I remember. Euclid being the top end version and the Rally being the OE/pricepoint version.

Or am I incorrect? or does it matter if I'm incorrect since it is off topic?

Tom Martin Oakland CA

> wrote:
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> ><< Hi - not to forget the last version, as seen on bulgier:
> >
> >
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> Dale replied:
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> >I think that's a mountain bike derailleur and not a "Rally"... (Off topic of
> >course..)
> Of course they are, if you look at
> <>, but I love
> those centerpulls with the cable clamps! Or are they really weird
> cantilevers?



> Roy H. Drinkwater