Re: [CR]Bike shipping, FedEx...& playing dirty

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From: Mike Schmidt <>
To:, 'David G.White' <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Bike shipping, FedEx...& playing dirty
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 08:58:23 -0400

=0D =0D Listmembers, =0D After reading through the numerous posts on this topic, what bothers me is the message that Federal Express is sending to Lou; "you and your&n bsp;business are not important, FedEx cannot be trusted and our p roduct is not as advertised. =0D If this was my bike that was lost, I would start with a note to Federal Express's Risk and Insurance Director and Marketing Department and then to the local and national news media with recordings my conversations wit h the FedEx claims people that seem to have Hoof n' mouth disease with the customers. =0D Amazing what happens when Channel 9 shows up at the FedEX door inquiring about a $2500 missing bicycle, with a TV crew, TV Camera, TV Lights, pushy interviewer, youse gets the pikcha because phone calls go flying into Memphis faster than the packages. =0D Go get em Louie S. because all is fair in love, war and classic bicycles near and dear to our heart.

Mike Schmidt

New York, NY

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FWIW - I've shipped a