[CR]classic street shoes for riding classic bici

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From: Ben Kamenjas <bici_pimp@mac.com>
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 00:11:48 +1000
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Subject: [CR]classic street shoes for riding classic bici

Late to the party but ....

On 13/10/2005, at 10:56 AM Steve Leitgen of La Crosse, WI asked ....
> What do I do for shoes? (More importantly a size 45-46 wide) It would
> be a shame to ride a hot 70's racing machine tubulars and all with
> running shoes. Does anyone carry old style riding shoes?

Some running shoes might cut it ....

Now that I have my stash of Adidas E.M. Comp trainers/sneakers I guess it's safe to out 'em. Y'see the letters E and M stand for our man Eddy and the shoes are basically street shoes which have a thinnish sole with no grooves. The styling is spot on ..... ala like what Eddy used to ride. They also have a little stick man cycling motif on the tongue and sole. Very comfortable but of course not as stiff as proper cycling shoes. Originally came out about 10 years ago in the ubiquitous black with white stripes but to my mind the white with black stripes is the coolest colorway. Check ebay and some vintage sneaker specialists - they come in red and blue as well. Most importantly, they not bulky so look a close match.

Not a great pic but I scored recently on ebay ....


There is only one pair on ebay right now, but the sole don't look right (too big) and it's a kinda lame white with grey trim. These shoes are funny in that some weeks there is none offered and them sometimes 15 pairs are listed worldwide. The german listings have the most new stuff but the newer styles are newer colors. The black with 3 white stripes (original) is what I think most here would dig.

Remember the sole is slick (so as not to catch on pedal quills) ... In my last winter in NYC these sneaks on snow/ice was slippery with a capital F. I run mine with super stiff insoles and they Ok - not proper cycling shoes but great for around town errands and inbetween stuff. Good enough for Manhattan down to Coney Island and back. Looks great too.

The pimper among you would take a pair to your favorite shoe guy to strip the sole for and replace it with something wood. Not that would be cool, might try that on my black pair.

Good stuff. Nothing better to impress the long machiato set.


Ben Kamenjas Sydney, Oz

p.s. does E-Richie really rock Jordan 1's ?? The black/red ones?