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Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 09:53:17 -0700
From: Doug Van Cleve <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Snipe service no Difference!
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Howdy folks.

I use a low tech free snipe a lot of the time on things that I would like t o have, but don't really need. I like it not so much for the last 10-20 secon d bid, but because it is automatic and I can't forget to bid. I have had enough auctions where I got side tracked, forgot when it ended and then saw a low winning bid that most of the time I snipe now to prevent that.

Doug Van Cleve Chandler, AZ

On 10/27/05, <> wrote:
> Sniping does indeed limit maximum selling price in many cases..
> In the case of sniping, the potential buyer enters the maxiumum price
> they are willing to bid, then sits back and lets the electronics take
> over.
> Once the dust has settled and the item is sold to the highest bidder, a
> quick query to the loser is often (almost always!) that they in fact
> would have paid more, especially now that they have lost that auction.
> Some dispassionate bidders may say no, but most would have squeezed the
> piggie bank a little harder to take the prize. Conventional auctions
> use this factor to drive the prics ever upward but eBay and other
> "timed" inline auctions eliminate the upward spiral that emotion could
> play by stopping all bidding at the end of that proscribed time. Hence
> the logical (and legitimate) tool called sniping was created....
> Some of us use a sniping tool precisely because of that, i.e. it
> prevents us from being stupid and impulsively bidding higher than we
> really should!
> Dale Brown
> Greensboro, NC USA
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> > I am somewhat baffled by the assumption that a sniping service would
> > result in lower purchase prices. A sniping service actually turns
> > the auction into the equivelent of sealed bid auction where the bids
> > are opened in the final moments.
> It's frustrating. After losing out on more than a few items because of
> last minute sniping, I reluctantly started using a sniping tool. I don't
> particularly like it, but sometimes it's the only way...
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