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Drinkwater asking about guys drinking water. Very tricky. I suspect freewheel. When my dad was racing in the twenties in Germany and reading a book about the Germans in the TDF '35-'37, both my dad and book were speaking of fixed gears, switching them to higher or lower by reversing wheel, and the strategy of suffering uphill to get them on the downhill without stopping for a gear change, distance to line, how far alone, a whole different ballgame to today's computer and earphone stuff. Looking at picture it seems only like one gear hub and it seems like a freewheel, but I can't be sure, just a hunch. Unless someone has something in print or and even older fogey than me who's not foggy steps forward and tells us accordingly. It could well be a fixed, I just can't quite tell from the photo, but it could depend on course and stage length too, as to how the rider's, coaches, and managers strategized. Ted Ernst Palos Verdes Estates,CA

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> In the Pic of the Day, 6th October, 2005 a non-derailer (Sheldon spelling)
> bicycle is shown. Were these fixed or freewheel
> ?
>>Paul Chocque & Kurt Stettler at the Well
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