[CR]A few more rims-27 & 700 clincher

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From: "ternst" <ternst1@cox.net>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2005 21:23:09 -0700
Subject: [CR]A few more rims-27 & 700 clincher

Found a few more for your pleasure.

All prices plus shipping.

1) 1 pair 27x1-1/4, 40H, 26mm wide, NOS, hookedge bead, with ferrules, dark satin finish, box shape, cm. wide slight raise down center. Great set of Heavy Duty rims for tandem or tourer. $25 set. 2) Matching single rim 36H, 23mm wide, NOS, all other specs the same as above. This is actually a wheel built up with a Sunshine fixed nut HF front hub with DT SS spokes 2mm, 3X, but never titened down, would need tensioning. Or take apart and you have a new rim, hub, and spokes. Then if you buy the above set you would have a 36-40 set of rims, plus an extra 40H. For? Wheel only $20. Take all 3 pieces- $35 - #'s 1&2. 3) 1 only NOS, 27", 36H, 21mm wide, hookedge bead, Heavy Duty, sort of bomb proof, Araya model 2W dark satin aero profile rim. $10 4) 1 only NOS, Nisi, 27" 36H, 21mm wide, straight side, silver rim. Decals: Profile of Italy, green on silver, Made in Italy, Winged Cerchi Nisi, red, white, blue; Mercury gold outline on silver printed Mercurio D'Oro 1977, all three intact. The decals alone are worth more than the rim price. A showpiece in itself, very little shopworn, would polish like a mirror. $10 5) Pair, 700C, 36H, 21mm. wide, hookedge bead, NOS, no ferrules, Weinmann Alesa, made in USA, Model 215, box profile, small cm. wide center flat raised at spoke holes, silver, clean and fresh. $20 set. 6) 1 only, 700C, 36H, 21mm wide, hookedge bead, Nos, No ferrules, Ukai, box profile, small blemish at brand stamp, might polish out, otherwise clean and fresh, silver. $10 7) 1 only, used Ambrosio, 700C, 36H, 22mm wide, straight side, box profile, with slight dome square edge center. Decal 95%, needs little gluing at top and bottom small edge only. straight and round and sound. $10. Buy any two of the above lots, and get FREE item #3 from previous rim sale. Left over. First come first serve. PMO or your check. No Paypal. Send me your zipp or address and I will advise on total. Thanks.
Ted Ernst
4140 Via Nivel
Palos Verdes Estates
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