Re: [CR]CR Ride report - yesterday's ride, Saturday 29 October - DC/Maryland - start Kensington, MD

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Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2005 14:33:52 -0800 (PST)
From: John Barry <>
Subject: Re: [CR]CR Ride report - yesterday's ride, Saturday 29 October - DC/Maryland - start Kensington, MD
To: Ken Sanford <>,
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I wish to offer my thanks to Ken and his family for hosting the ride and the gathering afterwards. It was as nice a day for a ride as one could hope for in these parts at this time of year - a little brisk, but plenty of sunshine. The route took us through some wonderful scenery that I had no idea could be found so close to such a major city, and over a nice mix of terrain.

I've come to expect camraderie with other list members, but it is especially heartening to hear it from others - as we did near the end of the ride, from one of the workers on a road construction crew who cheered us as we passed. Anyway, it was great to see the jewels that others brought, and to hear some encouraging words about my own relatively lesser machine. I look forward to future gatherings, and the chance to see and show something different. But now I have to decide whether my next project will be a beautiful, butterscotch Witcomb like Fred's, or a fancy-lugged Mercian like Duncan's (only rather smaller).

Hopefully, one of the attendees who took pictures will post them for everyone's benefit.


John Barry
Mechanicsburg, PA

--- Ken Sanford wrote:

> Greeting


\r?\n> While the weather was cool, brisk, and with a

\r?\n> significant wind, it was dry -

\r?\n> and circa 15 brave souls showed up to ride their

\r?\n> vintage steel bicycles thru

\r?\n> suburban Maryland. The circa 30 mile route had too

\r?\n> many turns (which proved

\r?\n> confusing to a few) - sorry about that but it comes

\r?\n> with the territory.

\r?\n> Some hills to make it interesting for the fixed gear

\r?\n> riders but nothing

\r?\n> severe. The comraderie before and after was great.

\r?\n> My thanks to all who

\r?\n> showed up - some driving in from significant

\r?\n> distances. I will list the

\r?\n> riders and what they rode - although some brought

\r?\n> more that one bike for

\r?\n> viewing. My appologies in advance if I don't get

\r?\n> someone's name right or

\r?\n> incorrectly identify the bike.


\r?\n> Peter Kohler rode his immaculate blue 48 Raleigh

\r?\n> Record Ace with Sturmey

\r?\n> 4-speed rear. Very nicely done up with all the

\r?\n> proper bits. He said it

\r?\n> sort of felt like dating someone else's wife as he

\r?\n> had acquired the bike

\r?\n> from listmember Paul Raley who was there riding a

\r?\n> very nice circa 1950 green

\r?\n> Ephgrave Number One (that he had acquired from Tom

\r?\n> Adams). Sounds a bit

\r?\n> incestuous to me. I was riding the next oldest

\r?\n> bike, a robin's egg blue

\r?\n> Gillott. Not totally proper kitted out yet but the

\r?\n> period Benelux shifter

\r?\n> is working very well after lubing by me and

\r?\n> adjustment by Harvey Sachs. My

\r?\n> very close neighbor, John Tisdale, was riding his 54

\r?\n> Witcomb track bike.

\r?\n> Fred Radnor rode another Witcomb, a 73 road frame

\r?\n> currently configured as a

\r?\n> path racer. Dan Artley rode a white 1963 Viking,

\r?\n> which shows the patina of

\r?\n> original finish. Tom Witkop recognized the lugs as

\r?\n> the same as on a mystery

\r?\n> frame he owned. A later close comparison proved

\r?\n> this to be correct - so a

\r?\n> mystery solved. Tom rode a Raleigh 753 road bike of

\r?\n> which I do not know the

\r?\n> vintage. Tom Adams, who drove the longest distance,

\r?\n> rode a circa 1983 Stan

\r?\n> Pike made of that same 753 tubing. Continuing the

\r?\n> 753 Stuff, David Irwin

\r?\n> was on his very clean 1982 Raleigh Team TI. Duncan

\r?\n> Granger rode a very nice

\r?\n> 68 Mercian Professional. He also brought a very

\r?\n> nice Hobbs of Barbican

\r?\n> tandem to exhibit. Harvey brought his lovely Peter

\r?\n> Weigel to ride and his

\r?\n> also lovely 1973 Hetchins for show. John Barry

\r?\n> drove a long way to ride his

\r?\n> 1978 Raleigh Super Course. My brother Ben Sanford

\r?\n> rode his 73 Eisentraut

\r?\n> track bike. Marc Frasier (sp?) from Baltimore rode

\r?\n> a pretty 85 Pinarello

\r?\n> road bike with those pretty off-topic Campy

\r?\n> components. hope I did not miss

\r?\n> anyone.


\r?\n> Anyway, a good time was had by all. Hoping to do

\r?\n> another in the spring (if

\r?\n> not before) but not at my house...


\r?\n> Ken Sanford

\r?\n> Kensington, MD