Re: [CR] A new ebay scam. Well, new to me that is.

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Subject: Re: [CR] A new ebay scam. Well, new to me that is.
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005 15:10:24 +0000

Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005 03:26:52 EST From: To: Subject: [CR]A new ebay scam. Well, new to me that is.

I bought a Molteni Merckx recently on ebay. Someone wrote to me today from Holland to see if I had actually gotten it (I did). They had gotten a spoof second chance offer for it, sent off $750 (I paid nearly twice that) and of course never heard back again. Beware those second chance offers unless made through ebay.

The bike was far less nice than advertised by the way. *&%$#@ lying NY crook. No way to protect yourself from a liar I guess.

Bob Freeman Seattle

Bob: So who was the seller? If you feel he/she was genuinely and significantly dishonest, tell us his eBay ID, then we can form our own opinion as to whether to avoid him/her or not. Listings from someone in NYC are a huge red flag for me. Sorry, all you many honest New Yorkers, but you have a whole lot of people, and therefore quite a few crooks. It's a numbers thing. LA and other major cities are likely similar in that regard. All can be tough places to live, I suppose.... For my camera equipment purchases on eBay, I run from any NYC listing unless I personally know the seller or know/trust his shop. Just too risky otherwise, IMO. eBay is all about trust and risk. Greg Parker donning my Nomex in non-coastal Ann Arbor, Michigan