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That is a very interesting bike and one which exemplifies the radical unorthodox stuff that was being done in the Aero days of the early to mid 1980s.

Colnago and Pinarello stick out in my mind for pushing the envelope in these TT bikes...

I have photos from New York (truth tellers all) Bike Shows of bikes with all sorts of neat hand made details that made them special. The Colnago CX, with it's small stem and seat post size, was the closest in a production bike with that trickery. I recall a Pinarello that had the brakes calipers hidden inside the forks and the rear stays just peeking out with the brakes were applied!

You bike is surely either a one-off or one of small number of bikes with all those cool tricks like the B-iLaminate seat tube, sized down stem, handmade front der braze on setup, machined down aero seat post, etc.

I am anxious to see it after you clean and detail it out!

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I think it was really cutting edge technology for the time, but easily on topic. This Colnago is a 1981 built replica of their 1980 Olympic, USSR ridden,

Gold medal winning bike(s).

<http://www.wooljersey.com/gallery/Colnago81AeroTT80Replica/Colnago81USSR Olym5 0_5Wht_Grey17>

Poor quality pics to the rest of the bike: http://www.wooljersey.com/gallery/Colnago81AeroTT80Replica

Presumably, it is a time trial bike, but I'm not sure because I can't seem to find anything on the Internet really covering it. New photos of this bike more properly cleaned and built up, will be coming soon.

Ciao, Mark Agree Southfield MI ~ ~ ~

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Hello Harvey, This is possibly off topic because it is 1985 this is when every top tester had a low profile frame fitted with them. Good article to get is from Cycling Novemvber 28th. 1985 It's The Age Of The Low Profile by Ken Evans this features an Argos, Elsworth and a Roberts with them fitted. Trevor Jarvis was one of the first builders to make a frame with these in the UK sometime before this. Cheers Mick.B.

--- Harvey M Sachs wrote:

> This morning I bought an interesting Schwinn, and

\r?\n> I'm trying to

\r?\n> establish its age. All decals except the 4130 DB and

\r?\n> "frame built in

\r?\n> America" had been removed. 27" wheels, Sakyo clone

\r?\n> of Stronglight 99

\r?\n> cranks, etc. Feels a bit heavy with the awful tires

\r?\n> on it, but rides

\r?\n> nicely all things considered. sort of metallic grey

\r?\n> color. Forged drops

\r?\n> (?) in back, but w/o derailleur hanger. Anyone have

\r?\n> any ideas about the

\r?\n> model name?


\r?\n> So, the question is this: it has "aero-style"

\r?\n> down-tube Suntour

\r?\n> shifters: mount with a single bolt to braze-on

\r?\n> fitting on top of the

\r?\n> down-tube. I'm sure these were not in vogue (fad?)

\r?\n> for very many years,

\r?\n> but I don't remember when they were The In Thing.

\r?\n> Actually sort of neat

\r?\n> in some cases: I have one set in which the two

\r?\n> levers are connected, so

\r?\n> moving through the gears on the rear shifter causes

\r?\n> the front one to

\r?\n> move a bit to keep the FD cage centered. Any help?

\r?\n> One reason that I'm

\r?\n> interested is that I have the same kind of shifters

\r?\n> on a DuraAce

\r?\n> AX-equipped UniVega I bought from Mark Poore years

\r?\n> ago.


\r?\n> Thanks!

\r?\n> Harvey