Subject: Re: [CR]Motobecane year identicication?

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Subject: Subject: Re: [CR]Motobecane year identicication?
Date: Sat, 08 Oct 2005 11:55:54 -0700


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Joe asked about his Motobecane Grand Jubile:

<<I have been trying to determine the year of my Motobecane Grand

Jubile', A quick rundown of it's components are: Campagnolo rear dropouts, silver with red trim paint sceme.....

........The headbadge and rear dropouts are what has me stumped, all others that I have seen have Huret dropouts front and rear, no chrome forks, and the a brass headbadge

either like the black Grand Record here on CR or the round one that is

pictured as a 70's - 80's headbadge on the same page. The Normandy hubs

have matching date codes that look like November of 1973. I was told

that it was a '74, but the dropouts are not consitant with the other

bikes I've seen, one of which is supposed to be original, and still in

the hands of it's original owner.>>

The Motobecane catalogs did not list a Grand Jubile until 1974 and they were spec'd with Huret dropouts (front and rear). Your color scheme matches what was offered by the factory in 1974. The forks were 1/2 chromed.......

I have had three Grand Jubiles, and they were all pretty much to the catalog specifications. I suppose it is possible someone paid to have Campagnolo dropouts installed to replace the Huret DO's? It is also possible the fork is a replacement fork? The catalogs indicate that Michelin Elans were supplied in 1976. Sounds like you have a 1974-1976 Grand Jubile with some "modifications".


Chuck Brooks Malta, NY


I have a '74 GJ with campy rear drops in silver with red accents and half chromed forks. it has the rectangular headbadge like the GR on the CR site.

i have a pic of someone's 74 (at least that's what they told me, :^) and it's exactly as described and looks exactly like mine. i don't think yours is modified. mine sounds just like yours and i doubt both would be 'modified' in the same way.

mine wasn't complete when i got it, so i can't go by the parts specs. though i did pick up a red/rust bike with black GJ with huret parts, though i can't make out if anything is stamped on the rear drops, nor do they look the same. so after reading this, i'm guessing they are the huret drops?

if you want a pic, let me know. it was sent to me by another CR member. maybe they'll chime in.

Eric Acuna
Santa Rosa, CA