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Subject: Re: [CR]Dave Moulten's new article on bottom bracket drop
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A very well written informative site. We are very close on dimensions, but I would like to make a comment or two from my experiences. I like to call 270mm BB height a criterium road, 265m road criterium, and at lowest 260 possibly stage or touring heights. Here's the kicker: When we make arbitrary judgment in numbers, we're wide open for discussion. If we are going to be as smart as we think we are, what happened to the crank length, wheelbase, and front centers? It changes cornering as well as riding properties. Then comes the circle the riders legs turn and tubing mix on frame because of leverage. Most of these numbers were, I suspect, used when 170mm cranks were standard. Now enter 175mm + or - and it's a whole new ball game IF we want to be precise as our reputations would have us live up to. Let's be cautious in our critique, our finished products as to lugs and paint and exquisite art work are superbe, but we must not forget the technical to have a Nirvana "Wheel". Ted Ernst Palos Verdes Estates, CA

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Subject: [CR]Dave Moulten's new article on bottom bracket drop

> Dave Moulton, super nice retired frame builder, e-mails all those that
> have corresponded with him by e-mail any updates to his website concerning
> bicycles. His just added a section to his website covering his theories on
> bottom bracket height or drop and thought many of you might be interested
> in reading it. Don't forget to check out the photos of his bikes. His Fuso
> Lux that I picked up on Ebay, thanks to a heads up from Lou Deeter,
> remains as my favorite rider.
> Mark Poore
> Slatyfork, WV
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