[CR]FS: pair of OMAS "Big Sliding" hubs, new in box

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Good day listers,
  Sorry to post this again, but it seems something went wrong with my first post, earlier today. So here it is again. And, in addition, they are from the late 70s, early 80s.
  I guess this must have happened to more people than just me! I got these OMAS hubs a while ago, planning to have a nice set of tubular wheels build in the future. And then I walk into a complete pair of GP4's with the same OMAS hubs, so I bought those. I'd like to sell these hubs now, since I will not use them. They are still in the original box. They are 36 hole, 125 mm rear spacing. The skewers have matt-silver coloured ends. The hubs are very light and run (slide??) extremely smooth.
  Price is $ 100 or € 85, plus shipping. Pictures are available if you want. I accept Paypal.
  Freek Faro Rotterdam Netherlands

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