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Just a thought, not having seen any photos-- Does this refer to the rear derailleur mounting, with "montagne italien" meaning the same thing that we call a Campagnolo (as opposed to Simplex, or "francaise") dropout?

Galen Poole Jackson, MS
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> Date: 2005/10/10 Mon PM 01:32:12 EDT
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> Having recently acquired a 1950/51 Stella catalogue, I'm intriqued by
> the description accompanying the top "Tour de France" model (No.4) as
> follows "Aucune attache rapportée sur les tubes (montagne italien)"
> that (badly) translates as "No fastener brought back on the tubes
> (Italian assembly)". I've never came across this "Italian assembly"
> term before. Does anyone know what it meant ? - The images don't
> give anything away as they don't show the lugs in any detail other
> than they appear very plain.
> Any thoughts ?


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