Re: [CR] Bates Cantilfex For Sale

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Subject: Re: [CR] Bates Cantilfex For Sale
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2005 22:08:23 +0000

Hi CR folks, British bike cleaning-out continues... Up for sale is a Ron Cooper built Bates Cantiflex frame. A bit over 57cm cc and a top tube a bit over 56cc. This frame has never been ridden. The workmanship and build effort in this frame is amazing. Countless hours for lug cutting and then brazed by one of the best! This frame was not painted at Argos (Martin tried a different painter) and the results were a bit shabby. It is black with white headtube and -- get this, chrome lugs! The seatube lug is masked half way and the result is somewhat unrefined. But, this is still an exceptional frame. Oh, but more. There are some paint blems from imperfect packaging - some on the top tube and some on the headtube and stays. Also, in shipping the right rear dropout closed down a bit - its been opened up again and should be fine, but one of the dropouts "9-lives" has been used up. While it sounds like a number of issues, this frame should deliver fantastic performance and when built will be stunning looking. Considering that a production Asian built lugged frame can cost north of 1K, this frame is a steel for the $675 plus shipping I'm selling it for. Mike Kone in Boulder CO