Re: [CR] Damaged BB shell on MKM?

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Subject: Re: [CR] Damaged BB shell on MKM?
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005 13:56:05 +0000

...and everything looks to still be under the original paint. Since it has lasted 30 years or longer already, I would guess that it won't be a problem in the near future. Tom, what specifically concerns you? I'm more curious about the funky-looking "groove" in the spoon of the downtube socket - what the heck is that? A bulge-forming flaw? Greg Parker Dexter, Michigan

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   That looks like a forging mark or a weld seam if the BB is stamped and welded. Anthony Mezzatesta Mezzatesta Custom Cycles 909 Berkley Manor Dr. Cranberry Twp, Pa 16066 724 498 4191

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Subject: [CR]Damaged BB shell on MKM?

> Could anyone shed some light on what might have caused the groove seen on this bottom bracket shell?
> 5&photoDisplayType=2#ebayphotohosting
> or ebay item # 7187890283, and blow up the pic of the BB shell.
> Any speculation on whether the BB shell is usable as it is, or would repair/replacement be necessary? If it's repairable, what would need to be done?
> Thanks!
> Tom Adams, busily downloading VR5 pics back home in Shrewsbury