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Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005 22:39:36 +0100
From: Mitch Harris <>
To: Doug Van Cleve <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Mid 70s hub question
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I remember that high flange were more common on all the bikes in a shop in 1975, but low flange more common on high end bikes. I was a kid at the time and trying to learn everything I could about bikes , and my information isn't bike shop inventory standard like others here. But I remember that as I realized what a nice bike was all about (as in: not a Sears Free Spirit) I was looking for aluminum alloy rims, for example and the cheap decent real bikes (like a Takara) had alloy rims, high flange hubs, and centerpulls. So that's why a Schwinn Continental was better than the Varsity, for example: polished looking high flange hubs and alloy rims. But I was also realizing that every high end bike I saw in 1975 had low flange hubs, inlcuding any Italian bike, American custom, or Raleigh Professional, etc. I do remember that the high end Windsor had high flange hubs, and I remember thinking at the time that they chose high flange because Windsor was selling to folks who didn't yet have a high end bike bu t were moving up from a Takara or Continental. Mitch Harris lately in London, UK

On 10/11/05, Doug Van Cleve <> wrote:
> Howdy folks.
> In your opinions, were high or low flange hubs more common in 1975? It
> seems to me that high flange are more desireable now, but at least one of
> you mentioned to me that small were the norm by the mid 70s. Thanks in
> advance :^)
> Doug Van Cleve
> Chandler, AZ