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Climbing into the way back machine....I rode A LOT in the mid 70's-early 80's on tubulars and experimented with the (new) clinchers coming out in the early 80's. Tubulars were cotton or silk, later nylon as well. Tubular rims were light and the standards were the Fiamme yellow label (lite! for skinny guys and racing wheelsets) and red label (general purpose) and strong (double ferrules and a true closed rim wall). One put a thin layer of glue on the bare rim, unrolled incredibaly sticky rim tape and put it on the glued rim. Then you spread MORE glue on the tape, and also on the inside of the sew up and let it dry, then repeated the process. When the second layer was tacky, one wrestled the sticky tire onto the sticky rim, then tried to adjust the sticky mess with our sticky hands so it would roll straight. The "Brer Rabbit and the Tarbaby" story is analogous to the whole experience. One was not a serious rider unless you could discuss the fine points of glue, paint thinner and shellac chemistry along with rim heat build up effects and of course, what to do when you got a flat. Trackies were notorious for devising adhesive systems that undoubtedly caused birth defects in later years! As you can tell, I can go on for way to long on this subject without answering your question so I'm going to clam up...but thanks for dislodging a flood of memories!