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Date: Sun, 02 Oct 2005 19:36:22 +0000

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Hey guys, in opposition to my predjudice against production Japanese bikes, I just purchased a 70s or early 80s Nishiki Professional. During my discussion with a bike shop groupie, I was told that Colnago once made bikes for Nishiki or Fuji, is this true? Also that the Nishiki Pro was sometimes equipped with Campy components, is this also true? And lastly, what was the quality of the Nishiki "Comp" model bikes. Contact me off list if you feel this is "off topic". Thanks. Fred Durrette Summerville, SC

There was a Nishiki "Team" frameset that was made by Colnago. Medium blue, with yellow (mostly vinyl) decals. Very basic, no chrome, flat but nice fork crown, SL/SP tubing. The "Made in Italy" decal on the seat tube is a big clue. I had one of these that I bought new, rode for a while, then sold to a friend, who still has it. I've offered to buy it back if he ever wants to sell it..... Greg Parker Ann Arbor, Michigan