[CR]26 reasons why I loved VR5 (long!)

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Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 14:46:18 -0700
From: Paulie Davis <paulieflt@gmail.com>
To: Classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]26 reasons why I loved VR5 (long!)

26 reasons I loved VR5

A is for Andrews, Charles, of course. A fabulous presentation And he didn't get hoarse!

B is for Baylis, Builder sans peer. That framebuilding seminar Knocks me out every year.

C is for Crowley Whose Pasadena presentation Got ramped-up with PowerPoint, Spawning our captivation.

D is for Dale Listmeister supreme! Where on earth were you? Chuck's event was a dream!

E is for effort Chuck Schmidt gets huge thanks Organizing with permits, Putting up with us cranks!

F is for future Which seems to be certain. Young collectors emerged: Babies Christa and Horton!

G is for Gorski His bikes are no joke It's easy to find him -- Just look for the smoke!

H is for Heavenly Thursday's lovely endeavor -- An awesome new beach ride Was matched by the weather.

I is for me. I sure love my gig, But 4 days off work And now I owe big.

J is for James -- Henry that was. He brought his display Of investment cast lugs.

K is for KCTOMMY Who made the trip out Now known as Tom Adams That Nichols has clout!

L is for the laughs We all enjoyed at Velo None at anyone's expense Be they woman, child or fellow.

M's for our new mates Kath and Stu They came over from England To meet me and you.

N is for the new bikes By keepers of the flame. We stick to light steel And carbon disdain.

O is for obsolete A term we don't use. If we don't ride our classics, We get low down blues.

P is for Pergolizzi Racer to the core! John and Brian hammering. Just to watch makes us sore.

Q is for quick release Invented by Campagnolo Fritz was on a fixie So wound up riding solo.

R is for Rex That's Gebhart of *Masi* I loved it, dear Rex, But didn't get to say *Grazie*!

S is for Sherry Chuck's great counterpart Toiling behind the scenes With love and with heart!

T is for Ted *Giro Ernst* is his name. He talked wooden wheels This dude has got GAME!

U is for upscale, as This event has become. Chuck's kind ministrations Carried out with aplomb!

V is for Van De Velde. Hey, how do you spell it? No matter, cuz Jay rocked In *restore, leave or sell it*!

W is for Willier My favorite bike You've probably guessed It's the shiny ones *I* like.

X is for relax Now home on our couches That VR's a chill For us retrogrouches.

Y is for you You came all this way We miss you already, But we'll see you some day.

Z is for zenith The apex of fun We're pining away now Until the next one!

Thanks everybody!!!!!
Paulie Davis
Los Angeles, CA, USA