Re: [CR] stitched leather bar covering/brake lever hoods

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Subject: Re: [CR] stitched leather bar covering/brake lever hoods
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 23:28:36 +0000

Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 13:22:51 -0500 From: John Thompson <> Cc: CR List <> Subject: Re: [CR] stitched leather bar covering/brake lever hoods

Thomas Adams wrote:
> As far as I know, all Campy hoods will fit all Campy levers, but >the wrong vintage will be pretty obvious (this applies only to the >early non aero levers).

The only exception to this is the Delta brake levers, IIRC.
> Many of the copy hoods can be used on Campy levers are
> "users" if absolute accuracy isn't important. They will, of >course, lack the Campy markings. In addition, Euro Asia makes >generic brown rubber hoods that will fit, but these aren't the right >shade, and have a big seam down the side.

The nicest 3rd party replacements I've tried are the Modolo #919. These are the right color and shape, but say "Modolo" instead of Campagnolo. These show up on eBay on a regular basis, so keep your eyes peeled. American Cyclery ( in San Fran stocks these for US$27/pr. If looks aren't so important, the Modolo #920 "Anatomic" hoods also fit and are more comfortable (IMHO) than the original equipment or clones thereof. A'me also made an anatomic hood like the Modolo #920 but in a more durable material than gum latex. If you want long term durability and comfort, these are the way to go. I've had a set on my commuter bike for over 20 years and there's still no sign of deterioration. Yellow Jersey in Madison WI stocks some of these ( for only US$10/pr!


-John Thompson ( Appleton WI USA

John: I agree, but I think you may have the Modolo model numbers reversed. The #919 is the anatomic hood, and the #920 is the non-anatomic Campagnolo style hood, AFAIK.
Greg Parker
Ann Arbor, Michigan
(hood city)