Re: [CR]Protecting raw steel for storage

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From: "henox" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]Protecting raw steel for storage
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 16:47:54 -0700

Subject: RE: [CR]Protecting raw steel for storage

Roman wrote:
>Hi Jason, > I think you're right - Picklex would do a great job of protecting the frame
> from corrosion and is also a paint prep product. The problem of late is that
> it seems impossible to get any of the stuff. I have used it a bit and
> suggested it's use as a bicycle restoration product (it kills rust) - but
> alas, I have been unable to get my hands on any more of it. Freddy has
> apparently moved recently and I have copied a recent post below from >the framebuilder's list about Freddy's contact info. I have not had a >chance to try to get in touch with him myself so I don't know any more >than that.

I have not tried Picklex myself, but I've seen ads for it in the powder coating trade magazines I receive. Maybe you can try your local welding supply stores.

If every one is stuck for a source, I'll dig out an ad and post the manufacturer's contact info. Maybe the manufacturer has a "where to buy" or distributor list on their web site.

Hugh Enox