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" How did 19 year old Dave Stohler in the movie Breaking Away come to afford a f ully Campy Masi? I couldn't afford even a used Paramount in 1979 and I wa s gainfully employed as a naval officer at the time. "

That was hinted at the beginning of the movie when Dave is accused of "you

really think you're Italian after WINNING that Italian bicycle..." W hich, of course, begs the question what was Dave supposedly riding to win in the

first place? Probably a Sears Free Spirit with the handlebars turned up.

But yes.. we need to do newspaper route price barometer on all this st uff. I delivered The Evening Star here in Washington and in a very posh part of

town (Georgetown) where you'd get $25 from Katherine Graham (and she owned

the Post!) as an Xmas tip. And I still could only afford a Peugeot UE-8.

This stuff cost a fortune. I remain convinced many of us, certainly, the

undersigned, are merely buying what we coveted when we were 17 and this wa s all cutting edge cool stuff. And in real dollars, it's cheaper now, too.

Besides we don't have to explain to mom why we just spent $550 on a Cinell i SC rather than save it for college. Er.. well hold on, that's why we have wives now, I guess.

As for Chuck going instead for a motorcycle instead of a bike as a chick magnet, remember that Dave with the Masi wound up with two girls and one o f them was French. What could be better than that?

Peter Kohler Washington DC USA

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