Re: [CR] Confente Lugs and BB - PHOTOS

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Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2005 11:46:38 -0700 (PDT)
From: Raymond Dobbins <>
Subject: Re: [CR] Confente Lugs and BB - PHOTOS
To: John Jorgensen <>,
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for those who are interested in seeing pretty good photos of the confente-designed lugs, on a 1984 medici pro-strada, head over to:

ray dobbins
miami florida

--- John Jorgensen wrote:

> Greg wrote regarding the solid seat lug ears on the Confente

\r?\n> frames...


\r?\n> Yep, the binder bolt area looks solid (no open space), so it must be

\r?\n> investment cast. BB shell is a Gargatte I believe ("+GF+" markings),

\r?\n> fork

\r?\n> crown looks to be maybe IC too? Who cast the lugs? Microfusione?


\r?\n> Greg- Mario while at Masi was working with Microfusione regarding IC

\r?\n> lugs for them.


\r?\n> Solid Seat lug ears on an Italian bike have nothing significant to

\r?\n> say IC, Got to see the work of Masi in the raw pre IC lugs

\r?\n> both from here and Italy, a section of tubing was brazed into the lug

\r?\n> ear section, voids filled with brass, then sculpted back,

\r?\n> when I saw the process , I thought wow, that is labor intensive!


\r?\n> Mario used the same BB & fork crown as he had used at Masi. just a

\r?\n> lot of filing & machining.


\r?\n> I know his early frames used Bocama lugs, would love to see the very

\r?\n> early and very late to compare.. Best chance to get them

\r?\n> together at one time...'06 Cirque theme? Or, best at VR6 perhaps.


\r?\n> My '68 Foirelli Coppi has these solid ears, as do many other Italian

\r?\n> bike of the period and prior.


\r?\n> John Jorgensen

\r?\n> Palos Verdes Ca


\r?\n> Where a big box from Italy just arrived...