[CR]Cinelli Downtube decals

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Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2005 15:21:54 -0400
From: edvintage63@aol.com
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Cinelli Downtube decals

My understanding is that a lot of Cupertino SC's made it to customers without seattube decals. The original owner of my '68, which came without seattube decals, insists the bike did not have them originally, and he's been full of good information concerning the bike. Having checked this out via the archives (where all the answers to life's difficult questions truly reside), one version of the tale has it that Cinelli frames (and they were ordered as frame-only and built up by the customer - with input from Spence of course) tended to arrive at Cupertino worse for wear, which frequently included seattube decal damage. As a result, Spence would order the frames sans seattube transfer, which could then be afixed at the shop should the customer so desire. Some so desired; many did not. Hence the not entirely uncommon appearance of Cupertino SC's without said decals. Anyone else? Next time, the story of how the Hetchins got its stays ...

Ed Granger
Lancaster, PA USA