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Subject: FW: [CR]shimano crane?
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If memory serves, at the time the Crane was introduced Campy's Gran Tourismo had been used by many touring cyclists who needed a derailleur capable of handling a wide range and many of them quickly switched to the Crane as it shifted far better and was a good deal lighter than the steel GT which some unkindly although accurately referred to as a steel behemoth. In response Campy subsequently introduced their Rally derailleur which bears a striking resemblance to the Crane. Previously Japanese firms had been accused of copying Campy components and this was the first instance that I am aware of where Campy seemingly copied a Japanese design...

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LDD wrote:
> I have checked the archives and have found little to no info so i'll
> ask. How do Shimano Crane rear derailleurs rank relative to the
> Suntour cyclone/superbe models, the Simplex Super lj and the Campy
> sr/nr models? I get from the archives that the purists swear by the
> campy stuff for what would have been traditional campy bikes. I also
> get that pure performance oriented folks seems to agree that the
> Simplex stuff and the Suntour stuff actuallly performed better. I am
> not trying to reignite that debate. The cranes that I have seen
> appear to look quite similar to the universally acclaimed Simplex
> SLJ-6600 ---do they perform similarly? I can not tell whether the
> top pivot is 'sprung' or not? Thanks all...

The Crane was a fine derailleur; shifted a treat and was available in short and long cage versions. The next model down was the Titlist; identical except for steel pulley cage vs alloy on the Crane. Both were dual spring mechs.


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