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"This is probably a FAQ, but I am getting nothing searching the archives f or many variations of: tubular gum sidewall advice recommend

So I will ask here: What's a good, affordable tubular tire that has a tan sidewall and would look appropriate on a mid-70s road bike?"

Vittoria Rally, the basic cheap tubular ... just don't buy 'em on eB ay as I got stuck with string of obvious factory seconds that blew casings like crazy. This is a reliable tyre but harder riding than a tubular ought to be.

Tufo S-22: the basic Tufo tubular with a nice thick tread but 21 width. I love this tyre.. rides better than the Vittorias and I am completely s old on the Tufo tape system. Works like a treat. Ditto the sealant.

Don't try the Schwalbe Milanos which are sold cheap by Bike Tires Direct.

Absolute rubbish.... four flats in three weeks.

But honestly, the most "affordable" tubular has to be Clement Criteriums regardless of their price. Too sweet riding and too reliable to pass up!

This newcomer to tubulars has seen the light.. buy the best and enjoy the ride!

Peter Kohler Washington DC USA

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