[CR]Alex Singer Lugs and BB

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With all this talk of Confente lugs and BB's I thought that I would mention that I am in the process of restoring a '76 Alex Singer and for me there was was some suprises with her lugs and BB when I got her clothes off! First, I had always thought that the generous radius of the head lugs were a result of brass apllication and careful filing. WRONG! Those head lugs are all steel and beautifully filed. I wonder who made them? However, the seat lug and BB have mucho brass application and filing to get those smooth flowed on contours. A few file marks here and there but they disappear under the first primer coat. Second, I thought perhaps silver may have been used, at least for the lugs. WRONG! 100% brass. Interesting tidbits include crown stamped "A SINGER", both fender and rack eyelets brazed on Campag dropouts, and brass used to fill a few imperfections in the lugs and crown. All in all, a nice piece of work!

Paul Raley Leonardtown MD

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