Re: [CR]Alex Singer Lugs and BB

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Subject: Re: [CR]Alex Singer Lugs and BB
Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2005 14:37:51 +0000

Despite being so into Singer and Herse bikes, the lugs used have always been a mystery to me. The first Singer bikes were in fact built with the assistance of Bianco. If I recall, years ago Grant Handley showed me some Bianco lugs and could trace the early evolution of the Singer lugs from these. Numerous other builders, though, used similar lugs so there clearly was production of that style. On any particular bike, though, the lug used is a wildcard I suspect because the French builders could and often did make their own lugs as needed. I have a Singer here with lugs that look of the typical style, but I suspect that they are handmade (very long points, everything a bit exagerated). If one was making a lug in the old days (or perhaps even now), tubes with the ID of the frame tubes OD are gas welded together. In the welding process, it is very easy to build up the gradual radius with weld. This would appear when completed to be a "brass welded" lug when in fact it could all be done with welding rod. Mike Kone in Boulder CO