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From: "Steve Birmingham" <>
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Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2005 22:40:42 -0400
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> What bike did you sell that you should never have sold.

This is an interesting one, I sell so few it seems. The one I wonder about now is one I had in high school. It was a trash day find, and felt very light. So of course I did what I thought at the time was a cool paint job, and started looking for parts. First was a trip through the parts bin, but nothing fit. next I headed to the shop I hung out at to see if they had any brakes to vit the to me then weird studs on the seatstays. He could get them, but they were expensive. about $40, or roughly a months pay. I never did find any parts that fit, and sold it at a flea market a couple years later, probably in 83 or 84.

Now that I know more, I wonder what it may have been? The shop sold motobecane, so I can't imagine that a french bottom bracket would have been a problem.

So if any one bought a frame In Naugatuck Ct, yellow with black lugs, and flourescent flames behind the lugs, just what was it?

Steve Birmingham